POLICE BEAT: Storms Don't Slow Number of Calls

POLICE BEAT: Storms Don't Slow Number of Calls | MPD, Police Beat, Murfreesboro, WGNS

(MURFREESBORO) The mix of storms did not slow down crime calls to the Murfreesboro Police Department.

A resident of The Blue Apartments on South Rutherford Boulevard was notified by her roommate that someone was breaking into her locked room. When she arrived the renter discovered the door frame had been damaged, and the television set was on the floor with a hole in the middle of it. She told officers that no other items appeared to be missing or damaged. (Case # 19-00012295)

Another case happened around 9:15 last Wednesday night as a man was driving down South Molloy Lane. He told the officer that a long-body Lincoln that was either white or cream in color came into his lane of travel and struck the left side of his vehicle. The victim told police that he thought the driver was going to stop, but he continued toward Bridge Avenue. (Case # 19-0012354)

Police were called to Old Lascassas Road near Brown Drive in reference to a "shots fired in area" call. Six 380 shell casings were found in the street. No one was injured, but a sliding glass door at one apartment was damaged and another round entered the tin roof. Officers placed the shell casings in evidence for prcessing. (Case # 19-0012362)