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If you missed the live broadcast of political forums for local offices, download and listen to the podcasts here.

49th State House District: Incumbent Mike Sparks (R) and Challenger Brandon Thomas (D)

34th State House District: Tim Rudd (R) and Laura Bohling (D) *There is no incumbent candidate, the incumbent chose not to seek another term in office.

48th State House District: Incumbent Dr. Bryan Terry (R) and Challenger Justin T. Miller (D)

14th State Senate District: Incumbent Jim Tracey (R) and Challenger Gayle Jordan (D)

There was conversation during one of the broadcast forums, that the Republican party was not encouraging its candidates to participate in community debates. Although this has not been confirmed, State Representative Bryan Terry (R, 48th District State House) responded to the listener. And indeed, there has been a "no show" for one of the scheduled broadcast debates on WGNS.