REALLY? A Fake $5 Bill Turns Up in Murfreesboro?

REALLY? A Fake $5 Bill Turns Up in Murfreesboro?  | fake money, counterfeit, fake cash, fake $5, Murfreesboro news, Murfreesboro newspaper, Murfreesboro money, counterfeit cash

The counterfeit bills are getting smaller and smaller. Police were most recently dispatched to Thorton’s Gas Station on Medical Center Parkway for a counterfeit five dollar bill.

In the past WGNS has reported stories about fake $100’s, $20’s and even $10’s, but never a $5 bill. The gas station worker who called the police said the money was handed to her by an older white male wearing a yellow shirt. When the clerk confronted the man about the fake cash, he claimed to have received it as change from McDonalds on St. Andrews Drive. Instead of sticking around for police to arrive, the subject left the scene.

This is the first report WGNS has come across in regards to fake fives. We will continue to follow this growing problem of counterfeit money flooding the Murfreesboro area.


MPD Incident Report #13-19592