Rocket Bus Pulls Into Rockvale High

A Rocket bus arrived at Rockvale High School on Thursday (8/15/2019), and it will be used in association with the Rutherford County School system's newest athletic program.

Principal Steve Luker stated that the Rocket bus will roll north on August 23, 2019, since the school's first football game is at La Vergne High School (250 Wolverine Trail, La Vergne TN) . . .

Rockvale High School is a massive new $32.7-million state-of-the art educational facility at 6545 Highway 99, on a campus with Rockvale Elementary and Middle School. It is just across the street from the physical remains of the original home of the rockets. That facility closed in 1972 with those students transferring to Riverdale High School.

The rebirth of Rockvale High School gives the county's newest school a strong link with alumnus from the past.



Just like the movie said, "Build it and they will come."