RuCo Well Represented AGAIN at National Farm Bureau Conference

RuCo Well Represented AGAIN at National Farm Bureau Conference | National Farm Bureau Conference, national winners, Michael Shirley, Amy Shirley, WGNS, NewsRadio WGNS, WGNS News, Murfreesboro news

Michael and Amy Shirley at the National Farm Bureau Awards Ceremony in San Diego, California.

The American Farm Bureau Federation recognizes farmers across the country for excellence in agriculture. Once again this year, a Rutherford County farm family is in the spotlight. Michael and Amy Shirley were named one of three runners-up in the Excellence in Agriculture this week in Tuesday in San Diego, California. Michael, who you hear on the radio frequently talking about 4-H events with his job at the UT/TSU Extension Service says he's ready to put to good use the Case I-H tractor they won...

The Shirley's also won three-thousand dollars in cash and STIHL (steel) merchandise. You may recall last year, Brandon Whitt and Katherine Batey of Batey Farms here in Rutherford County were named national Farmer of the Year recipients by the Farm Bureau. About 4,500 Farm Bureau members representing each state and Puerto Rico attended the AFBF annual meeting. Congratulations to Michael and Amy Shirley on their national award for farming excellence.

The Farm Bureau Excellence in Agriculture Award recognizes young farmers and ranchers who do not derive the majority of their income from an agricultural operation, but who actively contribute and grow through their involvement in agriculture, their leadership ability and participation in Farm Bureau and other organizations.