School nurse one of the first on the scene of an car accident - child lucky to be alive


There was a one car accident on Rocky Fork Road near Stewarts Creek High School on Monday afternoon. The student who was driving the car is lucky to be alive. The car the student was driving was totally destroyed when it ran off the road and into a ditch striking a utility pole (as seen above). We were told that the student was wearing a seat belt, which likely saved his life.

A school nurse by the name of Shanna Groom happened to be driving down Rocky Fork Road when the accident occurred. She stated, “He got out of the vehicle on his own as he heard the power lines sizzling and it scared him.” Groom reported that she had the student lie down until the ambulance arrived, as a precaution. He was evidently shaken up, but not seriously injured. He was in the car by himself (no passengers).

The teen was rushed to StoneCrest Medical Center in Smyrna and is expected to make a full recovery at this time.