Senator Jim Tracy Suggests that Immigrants are Not Being Vetted

Senator Jim Tracy Suggests that Immigrants are Not Being Vetted | immigrants,Jim Tracy,Murfreesboro news

State Senator Jim Tracy (R-Shelbyville) made the following statement Friday regarding refugee resettlement in Tennessee:

"Although I respect the Governor's opinion on many state issues, I am not at all convinced that vetting is being done properly to protect the safety of our citizens. Testimony in Congressional hearings from U.S. intelligence officials has actually been to the contrary.

We need to have a heart for people who are going through the savages of war, but at the same time employ common sense in regards to the security of our citizens.

This is a very serious issue. And, this is at a time when President Obama has promised to increase the refugee flow by 30 percent in 2017. We certainly don't want to see the problems experienced by European cities here in Tennessee.

In addition to concerns for public safety, federal reports show that the costs of the federal program have been shifted to state governments even absent consent to accept the fiscal responsibility.

I continue to believe passage of SJR 467 to commence legal action in response to the federal government forcing Tennessee to spend state dollars for the Refugee Resettlement Program was the right course of action for the safety, public health and financial well-being of our citizens."