Senior Prank gone too far at Siegel High School


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A senior prank may have gone a little too far at one Rutherford County School. The prank occurred at Siegel High School in Murfreesboro. According to Schools Spokesperson James Evans, some seniors poured cooking oil all over the floors, making them slippery for anyone who stepped foot inside the property.

Evans told WGNS, “The school did notify parents to begin picking up students at 11 am today because there was a worry about safety.” Evans said most of it has since been cleaned up and the school will be open on Monday as usual.

We learned from Murfreesboro Police that officers arrived at the school around 1:30 in the morning and as they approached saw several dozen juveniles in and around the school. Police did their best to nab every student in the area of the school, but were only able to detain about 75-students. The students claimed the school staff knew they were “decorating the school as a senior prank.” The students went on to state, “there were a few teachers inside the school.”

Officer J. Johnson wrote in a report, “The school had been toilet papered and ransacked.” The officer went on to report, “The teacher that was on scene advised that the students were allowed in the school, but they took the prank too far.” The report shows that the juveniles cleaned up the mess and were later released to their parents.


MPD Incident #14-9297
Rutherford Co. Schools Spokesperson James Evans