Shoplifter duo hits Plato's Closet in Murfreesboro


Shoplifter duo hits Plato's Closet in Murfreesboro | Plato's Closet, shoplifting, Murfreesboro news, Murfreesboro, WGNS, clothing theft

Plato's Closet, a trendy used clothing store in Murfreesboro, was the victim of a shoplifter.

The assistant manager in the store on North Thompson Lane told police two females recently entered the store looking at clothing. As most customers do, they started selecting items they liked. However, instead of paying for the clothing they made their way out the front door without paying a penny for the items that added up to $300 or more dollars.

The description of the culprits:

One thin black female wearing a green dress with black shoulder length hair. The second female was heavyset and wearing a pink top with blue jeans. She was said to have large curly hair.

So far, they have not been caught.


MPD Incident Report #15-8676