Shoplifting in Murfreesboro

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Shoplifting costs consumers big money, but it costs stores even more. Shoplifting and employee thefts add up to about $50 Billion annually, according to Despite the retail setback, it continues to strike cities like Murfreesboro on a daily basis.

From the WGNS Shoplifting Files this week, we head to Walmart on South Rutherford Boulevard.

When police arrived, they observed a man proceed to checkout at the self-checkout kiosk while failing to scan items that he had allegedly concealed. The man then left the store with over $80 in merchandise he reportedly failed to pay for.

According to an official police report, "Mr. Bryan Duane Doss stated that he did not intentionally fail to scan all items at the self-check-out, and then offered to pay the difference to Walmart for the merchandise."

Doss was issued a misdemeanor state citation on behalf of Walmart for theft. He will appear in court this June.


MPD Case 19-0005402