Shots Fired call in Murfreesboro at local apartment compex

Shots Fired call in Murfreesboro at local apartment compex | shooting,shots fired,Murfreesboro news,Murfreesboro,North Campus,Rocky Lane

Above photo displays the pin in the revolver that was found.

Gunshots were said to have rang out on a quiet Tuesday afternoon in Murfreesboro. The shots were reported by a resident at the North Campus Apartments on Rocky Lane around 2:00 in the afternoon (8/9/16).

The complainant told police officers that she was walking through the breezeway of her apartment complex when she observed a young man near her apartment. The woman said that she entered her apartment to get her dog so that she could take him outside. While going inside, she heard two or three gunshots and quickly closed her apartment door and called the police.

After hearing the gunfire, the woman told police that she looked out the peephole on her door and witnessed the young male running past her apartment while holding a black handgun.

When police arrived they canvased the apartment complex in search of the young man, but were unable to find him. However, police did recover a pin that holds the cylinder on a revolver. The small metal pin was located outside of one of the apartments. It was collected as evidence.

Again, no arrest was made and no one was injured in the Tuesday afternoon shots fired incident on Rocky Lane.


MPD Incident 16-15972