Smyrna Man says he Did Not Mean to Kill the Victim

By Sam Stockard, Murfreesboro Post

Smyrna Man says he Did Not Mean to Kill the Victim | Smyrna news,Smyrna murder,murder,Rutherford County murder,Reggie Bowling

Murder defendant Reggie Bowling

Murder defendant Reggie Bowling told Smyrna Police he killed a man after a night of drinking when he "disrespected" him and flirted with his girlfriend, according to court testimony.

Rutherford County District Attorney Jennings Jones gave News Radio WGNS details of the arrest date...

Bowling, 54, of Saint Francis Avenue in Smyrna, is charged with first-degree murder in the June 18 shooting death of 47-year-old Keith Jackson. He's being held at Rutherford County jail on a $500,000 bond.

Smyrna Municipal Judge Lynn Alexander bound the charges over to a Rutherford County grand jury after a probable cause hearing Monday.

Prosecutors showed evidence of Bowling calling 911 immediately after the incident and telling a dispatcher, "I shot him," using a .357-caliber pistol and saying, "Oh, man, I didn't mean to kill him. ... Oh my God, I didn't mean it to happen like that."

Despite urging by the Smyrna Police dispatcher, Bowling refused to give CPR to the victim, according to the 911 tape, which displays a good deal of commotion and trauma at the home when the shooting occurred around 1:30 that morning.

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