Special Interview With One of Many Homeless Persons Living in Murfreesboro (See Video)

The homeless population is increasing in Rutherford County. WGNS took the time to stop and speak with one homeless person in Murfreesboro who told us he enjoys conversations with strangers. We videoed this interview on South Church Street near the Wendy's restaurant. 

The City of Murfreesboro says they want to end homelessness: 

For families and individuals who for any number of reasons may find themselves without shelter, Murfreesboro’s mission to create a better quality of life comes to life through programs that receive technical and financial assistance from the Community Development Department. 

Homeless Task Force:

The Community Development Department serves as the city’s liaison to the Mayor’s Homeless Task Force. The task force brings together representatives from the public and private sectors once a month to discuss common goals and share resources. Mayor’s Homeless Task Force meetings:

  • Third Thursday of each month
  • 2 p.m.
  • City Hall 
    Room 218 
    111 W. Vine St. 
    Murfreesboro, TN 37130

The Homeless Task Force is being re-formulated and the administrative functions shall be delegated to an Executive Committee of 11 members, eight of whom will be elected at-large by the general membership. To nominate a member, please fill out the Executive Committee Nomination Form. All nominations agreeing to be candidates will be submitted to the general membership for consideration.

Ending Homelessness:

The task force developed a document, The Strategic Framework for Ending Chronic Homelessness in Murfreesboro, which is the city’s blueprint for meeting the challenge of ending homelessness in the city within 10 years. 


WGNS Interview with the homeless
City of Murfreesboro - See website here