Stolen Blackman Jr. Pro Football Helmets

Stolen Blackman Jr. Pro Football Helmets | Blackman,Blackman football,Jr. Pro Football,Murfreesboro football

A Rucker Lane man who helped to coach the Blackman Junior Pro Football League has been accused of keeping football helmets that were supposed to be returned to the league. The 18 missing helmets are valued at over $2,000.

According to the treasurer who filed a report with the Murfreesboro Police Department, some of the helmets were sold.

It is believed that the parents of players last year turned the helmets into the coach in good faith that they were returning them to the right person, which normally the coach would be the right person. However, the coach failed to turn them back into the league.

A Murfreesboro detective is now looking into the case.


MPD Incident 16-16446