Store Clerk on St. Andrews Drive Confronts Shoplifting Suspect Outside of Store

A convenience store clerk took matters into his own hands after witnessing a theft. The incident occurred on St. Andrews Drive and the employee of the store in question told officers he witnessed one of three potential customers steal a Gatorade. The 27-year old clerk decided to confront the shoplifting suspect whom he saw steal the drink bottle. In doing so, the employee asked the suspect to put the bottle back, but the man refused and walked out of the store. The clerk followed the suspect to his car and once again confronted him while dialing 9-1-1 on his cell phone. The culprit slapped him across the face, jumped into his car and fled the scene.

The case has been labeled as a theft and simple assault. Reports indicate that security videos may have caught the culprits on tape, but at this point the case is still open. The unknown thief has yet to be caught.


MPD Incident Report #13-25715