Suspect accused of possessing handgun with drugs

Suspect accused of possessing handgun with drugs | Highpoint, Highpoint C9, Murfreesboro news, WGNS News, Murfreesboro, WGNS, marijuana, Mary Jane, Murfreesboro marijuana

Marijuana and guns evidently don't mix well. The driver of a car pulled over on North Rutherford Boulevard is accused of possessing a gun and weed at the same time which is a no-no in most cases.

When the car was stopped, driver Korey Chestnut evidently grabbed his two cell phones advising that he did not give police consent to search the vehicle. According to the report, Officer Fountain asked Chestnut to step out of the car, but that apparently did not go as planned. The report stated that Officer Fountain removed Chestnut from the car instead of Chestnut stepping out on his own.

It was during a brief pat down of Chestnut that police found a small bag of marijuana. A quick check of the car then revealed a loaded Highpoint C9 handgun. Officer Fountain later wrote in his report, "Due to the amount of narcotics, Mr. Chestnut having two cellphones and my training and experience that most drug transactions occur between subjects that are armed, I determined that Mr. Chestnut was in fact dealing illegal narcotics." Prior to the arrest being made, Chestnut told police that he just left the MTSU campus.

Chestnut was charged with possession of a handgun during a felony and with the possession of and / or the sale of a scheduled six drug. Police took possession of the two cell phones that were in the possession of Chestnut. The phones will be kept until a warrant is obtained to search the information within the electronic devices.


Rutherford County Adult Detention Center
MPD Arrest Report #14-0021111