Teachers to LEARN What Common Core State Standards are All About... Do You Understand What It Is???

The Tennessee Department of Education is holding the largest teacher training event in state history! More than 30,000 educators from across the state will take part in training across the summer to learn how to implement the Common Core State Standards in their classrooms. Part one kicks off next week in 17 schools statewide. In Murfreesboro, teachers will be meeting at Blackman High School. Math training will take place in June, and English language arts will take place later this summer.

So what are some of the Common Core State Standards that are being implemented for the classroom? We are glad you asked. Former public school teacher Dr. Cindy Jones told WGNS about some of the new requirements for students. Jones highlighted the common core standards for children in kindergarten and first grade.  These goals specifically target math… see if you can make sense of them…

Over the next two weeks throughout the state, 32,000 teachers will learn about these new common core standards with the help of what the state is calling Common Core Coaches… 700 coaches to be exact.


Kelli Gauthier, TN Dept. of Education
Dr. Cindy Jones, former public education teacher

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