Tennessee ranks at number 10 in the country water related losses


Water is a vital part of the seasonal transformation from the frozen ground of winter to the green lawns of spring, but it can just as easily destroy homes and belongings. Water losses are rising even though many of these accidents are preventable.
In 2013, State Farm Insurance paid more than $1.3 billion for more than 175,000 water loss claims as a result of burst frozen pipes, flooded basements, and broken appliance hoses. The top 10 states with the most water-related State Farm claims in 2013 are: 


  • Texas                   21,700 claims
  • California             17,900 claims
  • Georgia               10,200 claims
  • Pennsylvania      9,100 claims
  • New York             8,700 claims
  • Illinois                  8,100 claims
  • Arizona                5,900 claims
  • Florida                  5,800 claims
  • Michigan              5,400 claims
  • Tennessee         4,400 claims
“Understanding what your insurance policy covers will help keep your head above water when there is a water loss,” said State Farm spokesman Kip Diggs. “Reviewing your insurance policy annually with your agent can help you as the homeowner make an informed decision about adding coverage to your homeowner policy.”
Homeowner policies do not cover flood losses.  Back-up of sewer or drain endorsement is an additional endorsement that may be purchased for covered accidental direct physical loss caused by water or sewage that enters through a sewer or drain that is located inside the interior of the home or building. It also provides coverage if water enters and overflows a sump pump well that is located inside the interior of the dwelling. 
Maintenance of your home is vital when it comes to preventing water damage. Preventive maintenance can be cheaper and easier than tearing out and replacing the floor and subfloor because of an undetected leak from a toilet or pipe.
Kip Diggs, State Farm Ins.