The electric scam strikes a Murfreesboro business AGAIN

The electric scam strikes a Murfreesboro business AGAIN | GreenDot, electricity, electric scam, Murfreesboro Electric, Murfreesboro news, WGNS News, WGNS

The electric scam is back and has struck a local restaurant. Well, we should probably say that the scammer tried to scam a local business.

According to a police report, a man with a thick Middle Eastern accent called "Samurai Cuisine" on Thompson Lane and told one of the workers that if they did not make a payment of over $1,000 by 2 PM, then the electricity would be shut off. The caller told the worker to purchase a GreenDot card and load it with the money.

The restaurant workers knew the caller didn't really work at Murfreesboro Electric and asked the subjects name. The caller said, "Frank Thomas." The restaurant then called the electric company and the police department. So far, no arrest has been made. It is also important to note that no money was transferred to the thief.


MPD Incident Report #14-22719