THP: Deceased Woman On I-24 May Be Hit & Run

THP: Deceased Woman On I-24 May Be Hit & Run | deceased woman, hit and run, ditch, I-24 near Almaville Road, THP, WGNS

The Tennessee Highway Patrol needs help from the public in gathering information about a deceased woman found in a ditch on I-24 near Almaville Road.

The call came in around 10:30 Saturday morning, and officials indicate the ditch was deep enough that the female could not be easily seen by passing motorists.

At this time, police feel that a pedestrian may have been a hit-and-run victim, however no additional information has been released.

Eastbound I-24 traffic (toward Chattanooga) along the right emergency lane was shut-down for about two and a half hours while evidence was gathered.

If you saw any or have any information about this incident, contact the Tennessee Highway Patrol at 615-744-3091 or 1-800-736-0212. The case is being headed by THP Sergeant Joe Agee and CID Sergeant Andrew Naylor.