Two teens charged with four counts of burglary to an auto in Murfreesboro

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One day before Christmas Eve, an 18-year old man and an 18-year old woman were arrested and charged with four counts of "Burglary to an Auto." The charges came shortly after police were called to a "Burglary to Auto in Progress" report on Crape Circle. Crape Circle is in the area of Florence Road in Murfreesboro.

Once in the area, police received information about the suspect vehicle. Detective Gorham spotted the car on Florence Road and initiated a traffic stop. During the stop, the passenger in the car got out and attempted to walk away. Police quickly ordered her to stop.

As for the driver, he was said to be wearing black gloves that he was attempting to quickly take off before the detective approached the window of the vehicle. The driver was also wearing clothing that matched the description of the culprit who was allegedly breaking into cars.

Inside the suspect vehicle, police found several items that were reported as stolen. As a result, the driver later admitted to the break-ins. WGNS also learned that additional charges in the county are pending. All are burglary related.

Arrested were 18 year old Zachary S. Thomson and 18 year old Terra Burgess. Both were charged with four counts of "Burglary to Auto" and theft. The two also face possession of a schedule four charge in relation to prescription pills that were found in the car that did not belong to either of the two.

The duo will appear in court on January 12, 2015.


MPD Arrest Report 14-25700