UPDATE: Armed robbery / home invasion reported Tuesday morning in Murfreesboro

What was described as an aggravated assault and burglary is being investigated at this time in Murfreesboro. Shortly after 1:00, Tuesday morning (3/26/13), a man and a woman at Nottingham Apartments on Greenland Drive say 3 to 4 black males kicked open their apartment door and once inside, kicked open their bedroom door. The victims, both MTSU students,  say that the men were all armed with handguns and were demanding the two find something? The report specifically says the men kept repeating, “find it, find it.” As far as figuring out exactly what the culprits wanted the victims to find was not determined.

Police found out about the alleged home invasion incident not by way of a 9-1-1 call, but rather an officer being flagged down. Murfreesboro Police Sgt. Kyle Evans told WGNS “they waited over 25 minutes before going out and flagging down an officer rather than calling 911 from a neighbors apartment or other safe location.”

The responding officer wrote that the male victim stated, “one of the subjects struck him in the face with the gun three times and then pointed the gun at him, pulling the trigger three times, but the gun never fired.”

The subjects fled the scene in a blue colored vehicle. They stole several small electronic devices valued at about $600. The description of the subjects was somewhat vague. The 18 and 19-year old victims say the men were tall and skinny. They noted that one had braids and a necklace with what looked like an MTSU logo on it. The necklace was on what appeared to be a dog chain.

Sgt. Evans told us that as of 2:30, Tuesday afternoon no arrests have been made. 


MPD Incident Report #13-5767
Sgt. Kyle Evans with the MPD