UPDATE: Fire at Nissan - Statement from Nissan in Smyrna Released

WGNS has confirmed that a minor fire occurred at Nissan late Wednesday night at the Smyrna plant. The fire was evidently confined to the plant that contains the truck line. Workers in that area, along with several other areas, had to be evacuated for at least an hour. No injuries were reported.

Justin Saia with Nissan told WGNS...

“A minor fire developed yesterday in the body assembly area of our Smyrna, Tenn., Vehicle Assembly Plant.  Nissan safety and emergency response personnel followed established protocols to immediately contain and extinguish the occurrence.  As a precautionary measure to ensure their health and safety, employees in the immediate area were briefly evacuated. There were no reported injuries. An investigation is underway to determine the cause and implement corrective measures to ensure no occurrence in the future.”