UPDATE: Leak Repair Continues On Gateway Island Pond

UPDATE: Leak Repair Continues On Gateway Island Pond | Gateway Island, Murfreesboro news, Murfreesboro Greenway, Greenway, WGNS

Heavy equipment is parked around the pond's running track, while a liner is being installed on the drained water feature.

Progress on repairing the leak in the city's popular Gateway Island Pond is moving ahead slowly. Boulders have been removed from much of the pond. They created an uneven surface and were an obstacle for making a liner work its best. The liner has been installed over approximately half of the lower level part of the pond. Dirt has been spread over that section.

City Codes Says "No Permit"

WGNS News called the Murfreesboro Building and Codes Department for an idea when the project might be completed. Plans Reviewer Brent Rowland informed us that no permit had been issued. WGNS then noted that this was city-owned land and probably did not require a permit. The lady on the desk commented, "I don't know why there is not a permit, we're sticklers on that." SEE UPDATE BELOW

No Permit Needed - Repair and Not New Construction:

City Engineer Sam Huddleston explained to us that a permit was not required. In an email, he said, “the original construction project to create the pond was permitted in 2003 and the work was completed in 2004.  Additionally, the modifications to the pond and area to construct the Gateway Island and Reception Center were permitted in 2009 as well.  Since this was pond liner repair and not a new construction, we consider the work property maintenance for which no construction permit is required.”

Huddleston also stated, “Our contractor worked over the weekend in an effort to complete the clay liner portion of the project before the anticipated rainfall Sunday night. An equipment breakdown slowed their progress and they were not able to complete a small portion of the final layer of the liner repair before Sunday night.”

The job should be completed later this week, if weather permits.

Mesh Layer

The section of the Gateway Island Pond that is closest to the Murfreesboro Medical Clinic is now being repaired. There are still large rocks in that part and the cleared surface is getting a mesh surface rolled out (see above photo).