UPDATE: Man Who Was Found Dead in Nashville Home has been Identified as a Rutherford County Resident


The man who died from apparent carbon monoxide poisoning inside a Tulip Blossom Drive house in Nashville is actually identified as a Smyrna resident. WGNS confirmed that Al Batson Jr., 37, of Smyrna, Tennessee was the man who died in the Davidson County area home.
Batson, who owned his own cleaning business, had been hired to clean carpets at the residence prior to the home being rented.  The person who was planning to rent the house stopped by this past Friday morning and discovered Batson deceased, lying on the floor inside.  
Batson arrived at the home Thursday afternoon of last week, parked his work van inside the garage, and then shut the garage door.  The apparent cause of the carbon monoxide, a generator inside the van that powered the cleaning system, was still running when Metro Fire Department personnel arrived Friday morning.  


Nashville / Metro Police Department