UPDATE: Number of R'ford Co. School Resource Officers now Vs. number of officers in the near future

(New update 1/18/13)- Rutherford County Sheriff Robert Arnold (pictured below) gave WGNS more details on the potential hiring of 13 new School Resource Officers later this year because of the shooting at a school in connecticut. County Commissioner Robert Peay suggested the idea of additional SRO's to Arnold after the shooting took place. We are told that 13 new officers would include the soon to open Stewarts Creek High School in Smyrna.

Nothing has been approved as of yet and will go before the Rutherford County Commissions Public Safety Committee on January 28. The cost to hire 13 new SRO’s would be $1.4 million. Even if the Public Safety Committee gives the green light, the new officers will probably not be hired until June of 2013. The measure will also have to be approved by the budget and finance committee and then the full commission.