UPDATE: Police Stand-off Thursday Morning - Man Allegedly Tried to Remove Tattoo from His Arm

There was a brief police standoff on Thursday morning in Murfreesboro. The incident occurred on Gresham Lane. It was initially reported as being on Mullins Court, but that incident was later found to have been non-substantial. In that case, the suspect did not refuse to turn himself in, according to Sgt. Kyle Evans with the Murfreesboro Police Department.  

In the incident on Gresham Lane, the suspect who was believed to be armed with a knife, talked to dispatch over the phone and agreed to release his weapon. Deputies quickly moved in and placed the suspect in cuff’s. It took several deputies to subdue the man who was covered in blood. He evidently tried to remove a tattoo from his body with a kitchen knife. The man also told law enforcement that he would kill himself and anyone who approaches him.

WGNS has spoken to Lisa Marchesoni with the Sheriff's Office, and she told us that additional information would be released later today. WGNS will keep you informed.