UPDATE: Two homes shot at in Murfreesboro on Sunday

UPDATE: Two homes shot at in Murfreesboro on Sunday | shooting,Douglas Avenue,Murfreesboro news,Murfreesboro, Murfreesboro shooting,Walnut

Two men are reported to have shot a gun towards a home on Douglas Avenue in Murfreesboro and then take off running, according to one witness.

Murfreesboro Police responded to the home in the 400 block of Douglas Avenue on Sunday around 10:30 in the evening. Officers found two spent shell casings in the roadway and two bullet fragments. One of the bullet fragments was lodged into the side of the home and another in the driveway where the victim's car was struck.

Reports indicate no one was injured, but the case is under investigation.

A little later on the same day, authorities reported hearing two shots being fired in the area of Walnut Street. In that case, a home in the 700 block of Walnut was shot multiple times. No one was injured and so far, no one has been arrested.


MPD Incident Report #16-4031
MPD Incident Report #16-4034