WGNS Logo's, Shirt's, Design Ideas from the Past

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WGNS has designed thousands of promotional items over the years. Below are just a small sample of past advertising related logo’s, materials and memorabilia. Some of these designs were never actually used on a promotional item and are in rough draft form.

The below photo was by Angie Walker and the design was by Scott Walker. 

Below is a picture of a billboard from 1990. This is when WGNS made the switch from "Rock N' Roll" to news, sports and talk. Of course, we always aired news and sports, our format just changed to include even greater coverage of BOTH in 1990.

WGNS has aired high school games and MTSU sports since 1947. However, there was a short period when WGNS did not air MTSU athletics. That was between 1990 and 2005. During that time, UT was widely popular. That is no longer the case in Rutherford County. The Blue Raiders dominate the local sports scene.  

This is a t-shirt design that was used in the 1980's. This is the era when "Rock N' Roll" was the music format. This design was drawn by Leeann Walker. 

You may recal the Coca Cola Company that was located in Murfreesboro where the Discovery Center sits today on NW Broad St. WGNS teamed up with the company in the 1980's to offer special WGNS, COCA COLA Discounts. 

This is a sweatshirt from the mid 1980's. WOW?! Look at those totally 80's neon colors! Oh man...

This is a logo that was used from 1993 to 1999. It was designed by Bart and Leeann Walker (below).

This was a sweatshirt from 1990. Notice, this logo is different from the one above that we used in 1993. 


The following was an ad that was used in the Rutherford County phone book. This was used in 2012. Although the phone book is rarely used these days due to the internet, we believe it is important for our older generation of listeners to still be able to easily find us. That is why we were on the cover of the Yellow Pages in 2012 and 2013. If you are not on the cover - you are out of sight and out of mind. It is important to point out though, the phone book usually spends its life stuffed away in a drawer and rarely see's daylight. This ad was created by Scott Walker. 

Below is a shirt design. This shirt idea never made it to Ideas Tees in Murfreesboro. Perhaps there is hope for it in the future? This idea was made by Scott Walker. 

Below is a t-shirt from 2007...

Below is a low-res version of a logo idea made by Scott Walker. 

The below is another retro design that never made it to the printers. This was designed 

by Scott Walker. 

Below is a picture of a logo we use on a regular basis (2011 - 2013). This logo was designed by the folks at FastSigns in Murfreesboro. 

Along the same lines is a logo (below) that we use on a regular basis... 

The below version of our logo was used in 2005 - 2011. This was designed by Idea's Tee's in Murfreesboro.

These shirts are from 2010 and 2011... below.


This logo was only used online for one of our streaming apps. It was also used on FaceBook. This was done by Scott Walker. Remember, simple is often better (2012). 

This is a picture of a design that was on our t-shirts in 1986. Notice, it was on our letterhead that was being used at the time. This was designed by Leeann Walker. 

The top of these two ads was used in several print forms in the early part of 2007. These were made by Scott Walker. The bottom design was never used. It did not make the cut. 

This logo design was used in early 2000. It was designed by Matt Mclane who worked at the DNJ at the time, but did freelance design work on the side. Notice in these two ads there was no "FM." This was before WGNS added the FM frequencies. 

This design was used on t-shrts in 2007. 

This one was never used. 

This design by Scott Walker was never used anywhere. This was made in 2007. 

This is a cool Remote Control Vette that was painted by a local resident who works at Haynes Hardware. Pretty cool graphics. 

The below is another t-shirt design with a retro look - Scott Waker did this one...

This was an idea that we put together to look like an old radio logo. We got the idea after seeing an old logo from a radio station in another state. They had a good idea! Scott Walker put these together.  

Below is a logo that is used on some print material... It was designed by Scott Walker. 

This is supposed to be a 1970's look. This idea has not been used for anything. It was done by Scott Walker. The goal was to look kind of "cheesy"

Logo for a computer graphic by Scott Walker...

Logo for computer graphic by Scott Walker... 

Logo for computer graphic by Scott Walker... 

This is a streaming audio app logo... Very simple indeed. - By Scott Walker


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