RCSO Internal Investigation Against Mayercik: "NO PROOF"

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On Friday (1/31/2014), the Rutherford County Sheriffs Office (RCSO) released the Internal Investigation it made after allegations were made against Detective Ralph Mayercik. It basically revealed there was no direct proof to the allegations.

On Thursday (1/30/2014) the detective resigned. Mayercik noted, "I feel it is in my best interest to sever my employment at the Sheriff's Office due to my campaign for Sheriff in 2014."

Mayercik was not fired from RCSO, but was approved for an immediate transfer to the Rutherford County Correctional Work Center, effective this coming Monday (2/3/2014).


The official report also quotes Mayercik as saying "(he) found it convenient" that the complaint was made after he announced he was running for office. 

Results of Investigation


According to the report, on January 3, 2014, Sheriff Arnold notified Lieutenant Nathan Pagel of an unsolicited complaint against Detective Mayercik. A mother claims that he worked on a harassment case with her in 2004.  The investigation states that the mother was concerned at that time of interactions between the detective and her 17 year old daughter. 

According to the internal investigation, by age 20 the mother asked about two alleged motorcycle rides with Mayercik. The daughter claimed that he purchased two Michelob Light beers for the juvenile.  

The report indicates that initially the daughter did not know that the detective was married. However, later the two allegedly discussed problems he was having with his wife. During that time they reportedly "kissed passionately", according to the juvenile. 

Mayercik Denied All Allegations

When questioned during the Internal Investigation, Mayercik denied all allegations. The RCSO report shows the former detective stated there was no relationship, the youth had a vivid imagination and he was "appalled by the allegations." 

The report states that on January 8, 2014, Major Bill Sharp brought Ralph Mayercik to the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) where Lieutenant Nathan Pagel confronted him with the allegations. The official record shows that Mayercik adamantly denied them. 

During the interrogation, the official report shows that Mayercik made several references to Pagel's investigating skills, saying at one point, "If you are doing your job..." (in reference to investigating phone records).

Pagel informed him, "...his behavior was bordering on insubordination and that he needed to cease." 

The contents of the internal investigation note that "(the mother) disapproved, but did not bring it to any authority's attention for fear of reprisal." There were several persons mentioned in the investigation, and according to the file--all were interrogated. 

Lt. Pagel reportedly asked him to take a Voice Stress Analyzer test and help determine if Mayercik's answers were truthful. The report shows that the former detective never answered him directly.

Lt. Pagel also reportedly told Mayercik that he was not to contact the young woman. The internal investigation shows that he replied that they could not tell him who he could speak with outside the sheriff's office. Mayercik was put on administrative leave with pay and read his decommission notice

No Direct Evidence Linking To Allegations

Mayercik's RCSO issued cell phone was checked for any evidence of contacting the juvenile over a 2-year period, and there was none. A check of his e-mail also showed no contacts either. The investigation also revealed that there was no evidence found in Mayercik's desk computer at the sheriff's office showing any contacts with the female juvenile. 

Incoming phone calls to Mayercik's phone at the sheriff's office showed that starting with this month (January, 2014) and going back approximately 2-years, there was only one call from the juvenile female, and it lasted approximately 2-minutes. The report did not specify when that call was received. According to the internal investigation, there were no other records of any type of phone or e-mail contact with Mayercik on any devices. 

However, the RCSO iPad reportedly was re-set before the former detective gave it to Captain Steve Spence. Spence noted that Mayercik went into his home to retrieve the iPad, and told him that he purposely re-set it because it contained personal banking information.

The internal investigation shows that during a January 16, 2014 meeting, it was discovered that Mayercik was attempting to record this meeting. He admitted to recording the first meeting (1/8/2014). Lt. Pagel told him that action was in conflict with the rules and regulations of the RCSO. Mayercik then agreed to stop recording. 

Sheriff Arnold Never Involved In Interrogation

Sheriff Robert Arnold was not directly involved in the interviews with Detective Mayercik or with those who filed allegations. His only involvement was on January 3, 2014, when Sheriff Arnold was the one who notified Lieutenant Pagel of the unsolicited complaint received from a mother. At that point, Pagel did accompany Sheriff Arnold to the mother's home so that she could explain her charges directly to the sheriff. 

Investigation's Findings

The internal investigation conducted by the Rutherford County Sheriffs Office lists under "FINDINGS" that: "No direct link to support those claims was found, therefore preventing a definite finding of the complaint being founded due to the burden of proof not being met." 

However, the investigation finds the former detective should have known it was prohibited to make secret recordings of such an interview and a direct violation of policy. 

The issue of re-setting the iPad was another concern. The report stated, "Mayercik is an experienced, well trained investigator, who understands the importance of preservation of evidence." It cited Tennessee Code Annotated (39-16-504) dealing with Destruction of an tampering with governmental records. A violation of this is a Class A misdemeanor. The investigation also cites (39-16-503) Tampering with or fabricating evidence. A violation of this section is a Class C felony.

Mayercik NOT Fired From RSCO

After the investigation was completed, Detective Ralph Mayercik was called to meet at the sheriff's office as soon as possible. He was also told on the phone that he was NOT FIRED. Sergeant Dan Goodwin made that contact with Mayercik and told him, "...he was temporarily reassigned to Detention and to report immediately to Major Thompson." 

In an e-mail to Thompson, Mayercik said, "I appreciate the offer to come work for you in the the Adult Detention Facility however, effective immediately I am requesting a transfer to the Rutherford County Correctional Work Center."

Mayercik concluded the e-mail with "I feel it is in my best interest to sever my employment at the Sheriff's Office due to my campaign for Sheriff in 2014."

(A complete copy of the investigation will later be placed on this website. WGNS will be blacking-out personal contact information, along with the name of the juvenile, her mother and a male, so that they will not be harassed).

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