Beware of Door-to-Door Security System Salesmen

Apr 30, 2014 at 01:32 pm by bryan

A Meadowhill Drive family was recently coerced into purchasing a home security system upgrade...


That's Terrie Page with the Better Business Bureau, who warns consumers to beware of door to door salesman selling anything. The man, whose name we are not releasing, did tell us representatives, claiming to be from AMP Security, came in and talked him into putting in the system. He claims they said all of the right things and it wasn't until after the work was done he became concerned. When he exercised his right to cancel the contract, they accused him of keeping a smoke detector they didn't install...

Page says consumers do have the right to cancel a contract you sign in your home...

Page also says AMP Security has a D rating with the Better Business Bureau and the company has a pattern of complaints alleging misrepresentation during initial contact with the sales representative. The victim in this case wanted to make sure everyone in Murfreesboro knows these door to door salesmen are not to be trusted. Check out, keyword beware for a complaints against this business and to hear the victim's full story told in his own words.

BBB Review of AMP Security


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