Did you know that if you report suspect child abuse you will remain anonymous?

Aug 19, 2014 at 02:06 pm by bryan

One in ten children are victims of sexual abuse by the time they turn 18. With statistics like that, it would seem as if nearly everyone may have contact with one or more child throughout their lives that are victims. In Murfreesboro, Child Advocacy Center Executive Director Sharon De Boer told WGNS...


Ryan Wallace with the center told us that a sex abuse victim often fails to tell a parent or a teacher about abuse because they are ashamed. He said in those cases, parents need to watch for a change in behavior.

The Child Advocacy Center in Murfreesboro serves victims of child abuse and child sexual abuse. De Boer told us that if you call the Department of Children Services about a child you suspect is being abused, you will remain anonymous.

To report suspected abuse call 1.877.237.0004. You will remain anonymous.

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