iPad Thefts

Jul 06, 2011 at 06:18 am by bryan

Shoplifting continues to be a problem in a down economy and a lock on an iPad case is not a big enough deterent for criminals who want the latest iPad.  Unknown subjects made their way into the Target store and stole several iPads from a locked case. The crime unfolded on July the 4th, Monday. The thieves actually broke out the glass on the case, grabbed the iPads and fled the area.  A similar theft occurred at the Best Buy store that is about a mile and a half away from  the Target store. There, a store employee was sprayed in the face with mace. A total of 18-iPads were taken.

The iPad thieves are described as a white woman with blonde hair in her 40;s and an older white male who is about 6-feet tall. The couple may have had a teenager with them at the time of the thefts. 

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