La Vergne Alderman Calls for End to Unincorporation Petition

Jul 07, 2011 at 01:43 pm by bryan

Alderman Tom Broeker posted on his website today a call for business leaders to end a petition to unincorporate the City of La Vergne.

Broeker stated, “In no way can the surrender of the city’s charter be beneficial to the residents or businesses of La Vergne. I strongly urge Stan Glasgow, Mike Webb, and Angie Mayes among others to do what is right and immediately end this call for the demise of our great city.”

Following a 50 cent tax increase per $100 of assessed value, many of the city’s biggest land-owners began gathering signatures to abolish the current city charter in favor of the former charter, a commissioner-led government.

Dana Deem, Municipal Management Consultant of the Municipal Technical Advisory Service, said at the Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting on Tuesday, July 5 that the consequences of this would be dire.  “There’s a reason very few cities have this form of government. There’s a reason La Vergne changed to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen years ago.  It’s because the commissioner form of government does not work.”

Deem explained that each commissioner would be assigned to one area of supervision – for example a “public works commissioner” and a “police commissioner” would be named.  Because commissioners are so focused on their individual functions, the needs of the city as a whole are not met because of the limited scope of authority.

Broeker has extended an invitation to Glasgow to come to the table and resolve this matter for all the residents of La Vergne. There is no meeting date set at this time.
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