Possible Interest In Linebaugh Library Building At Old Hospital

Jul 07, 2011 at 08:22 pm by bryan

On an earlier WGNS radio broadcast, listeners asked about rumors that the Linebaugh Public Library might consider constructing a new library and archives at the old hospital between University and Highland. Although the question was quashed as untrue, WGNS News has received the complete minutes of the library board meeting.

The exact wording on page 4 states: "Mr. Patterson (Past President Bill Patterson) was approached by a gentleman who wants to remain anonymous concerning a possibilitgy of building a new library and archives at the old hospital site. He said several individuals including the mayors were approached by this idea and if the Board is wiling to study this there might be a possibility that this could happen. The Board was open to this idea and Mr. Patterson will pursue the issue with City and County officials." Note: that was taken verbatim from the April 18, 2011 minutes of the Linebaugh Library System's join board of directors meeting.


The minutes further showed that Foundation Board Chair Jerry Farmer sent a letter to the possible land donor in Lascassas. It pointed out that a significant infrastructure expense would be required before construction could begin. He stressed in the letter that the foundation is not able to incur that amount of expenses at this time.

The minutes of the public meeting also indicated that a site in the Blackman Community also has potential. However, the Linebaugh Library System would need to find funding for the construction of the building as well as two or more years of of operating expenses. 


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