Rep. Womick Applauds Education Commissioner Leaving, and Hopes "Common Core" Exits Too!

Nov 16, 2014 at 06:37 am by bryan

34th District State Representative Rick Womick (R) applauds the State Department of Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman stepping down and is pushing that "Common Core" leaves with him!

The Rutherford County Republican says, "It is long overdue and allows us to come together to focus on how to rectify the education debacle we have experienced over the last four years in Tennessee."


Womick said that he was pushing for a full repeal of Common Core State Standards. He wants to make certain that the next Commissioner of Education is full support of repeal and is willing to listen and act on the requests from parents, teachers, and legislators.

He wants a complete overhaul of Tennessee's comprehensive testing and evaluation of our students, by implementing a pre-test and post-test system and reducing the number of tests to two per school year.

Womick noted, "It is my sincere hope that Governor Haslam will take into consideration the wishes of the legislature since we will ultimately have to pass judgment on his education agenda."

Secondly, the creation of an education standards committee made up of Tennessee teachers with at least three years of classroom experience in Tennessee schools who purpose is to develop superior education standards that are reflective of Tennessee values and ideology.

And then, reforming the process of how teachers are evaluated and returning the oversight of those evaluations to LEA's and a teacher's immediate supervisor.

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