Gang Graffiti Painted on Walls of School

Jul 12, 2011 at 10:49 am by bryan

Gang graffiti was found throughout Hobgood Elementary School in Murfreesboro. The graffiti included the words MS-13 written on the walls and paint poured on the floors of the local school. An official police report stated that photos belonging to teachers were shredded and classrooms were ransacked. The incident was reported on July the 11th and the culprits who did the damage made their way into the school by prying open locked doors. The words “La Mara 13 Salvtrucha” were also painted on the walls in one classroom. Mara Salvtrucha or MS-13 is a gang whose membership has crossed the 10,000 mark in the United States. These gangs have roots in Central America and are known to be extremely violent. 

The vandalism at Hobgood is being investigated by Murfreesboro Police. Authorities are reviewing video tapes that were gathered from the school at this time. 

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