Local Photographer Jumps Into Cold Water To Save Motorist

Nov 26, 2014 at 12:51 pm by bryan

A female motorist is counting her blessings after driving off East Clark Boulevard and into the pond at Loveless Photography. That was around eleven o'clock Wednesday morning (11/26/2014).

Witnesses said the silver Chevy just suddenly veered off the busy roadway and splashed into the shallow pond at Loveless Photography.


Fortunately, Alan Loveless was doing an outdoor photo shoot and was in the water almost instantly. The local photographer said he could see the woman in the car, and she was not moving.

The above photo shows Loveless after he went into the shallow pond and climbed back onto the small island that he uses for his photo shoots. He is drenched and crossing the foot bridge that connects to the side yard of his photography studio at 305 East Clark Boulevard.

Paramedics from the Rutherford County Emergency Medical Services checked the motorist out at the scene, but took her to the ER at St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital to make certain that she was alright.

Our hats are off to a true local hero, Alan Loveless. And with it being the day before Thanksgiving, the female motorist, who was alone in the car, was counting her blessings as well.

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