Historic Rutherford Hospital Fading Fast!

Jul 12, 2011 at 09:07 pm by bryan

Each passing day brings the old Rutherford County Hospital closer to becoming only a memory. WGNS photo journalists are documenting the closing of this page in our community's history. 

The Rutherford Hospital was built in 1927 as a 37-bed, not for profit facility. It was made possible by a gift from the Commonwealth Fund of New York. A year earlier, this group built a sister-structure to the hospital on the corner of North Church and West Burton Streets. It was originally the Rutherford County Health Department, but has since been renovated for the local Drug Court program. 


The razing of the old hospital between University and Highland is not drawing huge crowds, but vehicles pull over on a regular basis and watch the giant back hoe do its work. It's sort of like watching an old friend succomb to a deadly disease, and get weaker with every stroke from the crane.

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