Possible Change in Voting Precincts

Jul 13, 2011 at 06:30 am by bryan

Traditional precinct voting locations in Murfreesboro may soon be done away with. The Rutherford County Election Commission put forth a vote in that direction. Murfreesboro may now participate in a state pilot program to allow for voting convenience centers. In Murfreesboro it will mean there would be 4-voting centers instead of 14. The move will save the county a lot of money because there will be less poll workers if there are less precincts. The convenience centers would be open 20-days prior to election day for early voting. The centers would also be open on election day for all voters. This would also allow for voters to vote at any of the convenience centers instead of only being able to vote in their precinct on election day. The county must now sign off on the idea for its approval. 

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