Murfreesboro Couple Get the Runaround from Adoption Agency

Jul 13, 2011 at 09:18 am by bryan

A man and a woman in Murfreesboro are speaking out about an adoption that has gone awry. According to WKRN, April Noles says that she and her husband decided to adopt a child and paid Advantage Adoption Agency in Little Rock, Arkansas $6,800 to begin the adoption process. The money was apparently to be used as a down payment to adopt a child. She told News 2 that they were supposed to be second or third on the adoption list, but to date they say they have only received the runaround from the agency. One time, they say they were told a birth mom changed her mind on allowing an adoption to go through. Another phone call revealed that they didn’t have a birth mom. The agency in question is now out of business and was even sued by the Arkansas State Attorney General. That leaves the Noles out of their future child and out $6,800. The Arkansas Attorney General is investigating. 

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