Crack Down on Untidy Lawns in Murfreesboro

Jul 13, 2011 at 09:33 am by bryan

A heftier crack down on untidy yards is expected to pass on the third and final reading in the Murfreesboro City Council meeting on Thursday. Murfreesboro officials are looking to approve a new plan to crack down on residents who fail to maintain their lawn and home properly. The codes department may soon have new authority over yards that are not mowed and trash in a residents lawn. If the city finds an unkept lawn, the city may go in and mow the yard and then bill the resident for the service. After that is done, the city may soon be able to cite the homeowner in city court. The fine could be $50 plus court costs. If the homeowner still refuses to keep their yard tidy, a lien could be placed against the home in question.

The city council will need to approve the changes in the codes before all the measures can be put into place. Right now, they are one vote away from such penalties. The Murfreesboro City Council will meet on Thursday night at 7 in the Murfreesboro City Hall.



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