Middle TN Electric Customer Cares Program Helping Again

Jul 27, 2011 at 10:28 am by bryan

Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation’s Customers Care has donated $2,000 of its Operation Round Up funds to Challenged Athletes Playing Equally (CAPE).

“This grant will give our athletes the opportunity to participate in CAPE activities,” Rick Ryan, Executive Director of CAPE said.  ”We are very thankful for the donation and would like to invite anyone to visit us during our summer session at the Smyrna Bowling Center.”


CAPE is a non-profit organization for physically or mentally challenged persons.  It seeks to increase their self esteem and enhance their social skills by providing non-competitive fun with positive reinforcement.

Operation Round Up began in 2003 and has distributed more than $5 million into MTEMC’s communities.

The initiative “rounds up” members’ bills to the next highest dollar, with that extra change set aside for worthy causes. It is the responsibility of the Customers Care Board, which is composed of seven MTEMC members, to evaluate grant requests and send the money back to qualifying organizations.

Incoming contributions are tracked by county so that the Customers Care Board can do its best to ensure money contributed by members in a certain county goes to that county. Any balances are carried over each month.

MTE Customers Care funds may not be used for political or expressly religious purposes, schools or school-related organizations.

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