No More Recycling at Sam's Club

Jul 28, 2011 at 04:29 pm by bryan

Rutherford County announces the closing of the recycling center that Sam’s Club has hosted since 2007. Although this site is the most popular of all recycling and convenience centers, it has unfortunately been repeatedly abused by citizens leaving trash and debris either in the bins, or on the ground surrounding the bins. The county has tried for several years to remedy this by daily cleaning of the site, but regrettably cannot keep up with the illegal dumping that often takes place at this unmanned location. Sam’s Club has been patient, but it is understandable that they have cleanliness standards that must be met for their customers.

Residents are now encouraged to take recyclables to another county location such as 1140 Haley Road in Murfreesboro, or one of the convenience centers listed on the county website: Residents may also take recyclable items to the Murfreesboro Convenience Center located at 648 West Main Street, or the recycling center located at Middle Tennessee State University at 1500 Greenland Drive.

Also, there are several private companies that provide curbside recycling for a minimal fee. People for a Better Tomorrow (PBT) has been providing curbside collection since 2000, and RRR Technologies started curbside collection only a few years after that. Some recent additions to the area are All in One Recycling and Recycle R Us. All of these curbside collection companies are privately owned and provide convenient service. Rutherford County would like to sincerely thank the generosity of Sam’s Club which has been a committed partner through the years to provide a convenient location for recycling.
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