Red Light Data Released by Murfreesboro

Aug 01, 2011 at 06:05 am by bryan

Since July 5, 2008, the Murfreesboro Police Department has utilized an automated red light camera enforcement system to address the serious issue of running red lights in an effort to reduce the number of crashes at intersections throughout Murfreesboro. Six (6) intersections were selected for the program and are currently collecting still photographs and video images to issue civil citations for red light violations.



These intersections include:


South Church Street at Middle Tennessee Boulevard;

Memorial Boulevard at Northfield Boulevard;

Rutherford Boulevard at Mercury Boulevard;

Old Fort Parkway at Thompson Lane;

Broad Street at Church Street; and

Broad Street at Northfield Blvd.


Since the implementation of the automated red light camera enforcement system, data has been collected regarding the number and type of crashes at each monitored intersection as well as the number of citations issued. Data has been collected at all signalized intersections throughout Murfreesboro during this time. This media release specifically addresses the crash data for year 3 (2010/2011) compared to the second year of enforcement (2009/2010).


Crash trend data for all intersections throughout Murfreesboro:

Year 3 - 2010-2011:

The crash data reported from all signalized intersections throughout the city indicate a significant reduction in vehicle crashes since the inception of the program. The crash data from the third year compared to the second year of enforcement indicates the total number of intersection crashes decreased from 1594 to 1521, a decrease of 73 crashes (-4.58%). Side angle crashes decreased from 542 to 522, a decrease of 20 crashes (-3.69%) and rear end crashes decreased from 1052 to 989, a decrease of 63 crashes (-5.99%).


Crash trend data for monitored intersections only:

Year 3 - 2010-2011:

The crash data reported from the monitored intersections during the third year of enforcement compared to the second year of enforcement indicates that total crashes at these intersections decreased from 187 to 147, a decrease of 40 crashes (-21.39%). Side impact crashes have decreased from 55 to 35, a decrease of 20 crashes (-36.36%). Rear end crashes decreased from 132 to 112, a decrease of 20 crashes (-15.15%).

Staff reviewed crash reports from the monitored intersections to identify the driver actions which contributed to these crashes. In the majority of rear end crash cases the driver action which contributed to the crash was listed as “following improperly.” Not one driver attributed the cause of the crash to the automated red light camera system. Over 44,821 citations have been issued in the three (3) years of operation with each year resulting in a decrease in violations. (Year 1 – 19,995; Year 2 – 15,420; Year 3 – 9,406)


The company American Traffic Solutions (ATS) won a recent rebid for the City of Murfreesboro contract. ATS is contracted for five (5) years to provide monitoring services for Murfreesboro.

In an effort to improve on the current technology, ATS is installing newer equipment to improve on the process of issuing citations to violators. These upgrades include a faster wireless system, wireless detection devices implanted into the roadway (replaces the laser system), and better camera equipment. While the process will remain the same, this new technology will help make the process faster and provide evidence of the civil violation.

Chief of Police Glenn Chrisman stated: “We are again pleased to see another year of reduction in intersection crashes throughout Murfreesboro. From the beginning of the program, the primary goal of this program has been, and will continue to be safety. We are pleased the State Legislature recently supported our efforts with the recent legislation passed. We thank Senator Jim Tracy and Representative Vince Dean for their support and desire to make Tennessee intersections safer. Murfreesboro will continue to utilize traditional traffic enforcement as well as new technologies to make our streets safer for those traveling throughout Murfreesboro.”

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