Radio and TV Broadcasters Meet For 3rd Year In 'Boro

Aug 03, 2011 at 09:13 pm by bryan

Television and radio broadcasters are at Murfreesboro's Embassy Suites Hotel and Conference Center for the 63rd Annual Convention of the Tennessee Association of Broadcasters. This city's hospitality lured these communicators to the Heart of Tennessee for the third consecutive year.

Most of Wednesday was filled with a board meeting that addressed industry issues. BMI's popular singer-songwriter concert mellowed the evening with the talents of Dylan Altman, Andrew Dorff and Stokes Nielson. 


Thursday's sessions are conducted by broadcast industry leaders from across the nation. Attention was focused on the new Emergency Alert System that will be transmitted through local broadcast stations like WGNS, and have it first national test on November 9th. The new system is designed to improve the current system that sends out weather bulletins, Amber Alerts, and other crucial health and welfare information. 

One curious passerby stuck her head in the door and asked, "What's going on in here, everyone sounds like they're on the radio." 

The newly formed Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame is also being represented at the statewide gathering. Board Chair Lee Dorman said, "The Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame is being created to honor the pioneers of radio broadcasting in Tennessee. Beginning with the men and women who put our first radio stations on the air in the early 1920's, and including the modern-day air personalities, newscasters and announcers to whom we listen every day, we will recognize and pay tribute to those who entertain and inform us, on stations in big cities and small towns, across Tennessee." Rutherford county's Ralph Vaughn and Bart Walker are serving on the founding board of this new organization.

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