Dean Barker Big Winner At Cannon County Arts Center Event

Aug 08, 2011 at 08:49 pm by bryan

This past Saturday (8/6/2011), the Arts Center of Cannon County's 2011 fundraiser included a gourmet dinner, special auction, door prizes and a $5,000 reverse raffle. The happiest person attending the Woodbury event was Dean Barker who left five-grand wealthier. 

Dr. Darryl Deason and James Adkins used locally grown produce to prepare the evenings dinner. While an auction of a quilt that was created by Ann McBridge, some Hatch Show prints, a day at the Readyville Mill and other popular items were auctioned. 


The proceeds all benefit the Arts Center of Cannon County, which is located at 1424 John Bragg Highway in neighboring Woodbury. 

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