Educator of the Month for August 2011

Aug 09, 2011 at 08:13 am by bryan

Our Educator of the month is Kathy Stout who is a home school educator.

WGNS asked Mrs. Stout the following questions during a WGNS interview…

What made you decide to become an educator? STOUT: “My mother mainly. I was a teacher prior to home schooling, but wanted to focus more on my own children. “

What do you enjoy most from working with your students (children)? STOUT: “For my family, we get to be together more as a family, create bonds and we deal with less peer pressure.”

What are the achievements for which you are most proud of? STOUT: “I just graduated my first student.”

Before you retire, is there something you would like to accomplish in your educational career? STOUT: “I would like to graduate all three of my children via a homeschooled education.”