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With temps in the 80s and a gentle breeze, Saturday's weather was perfect for Literacy Day. The annual event is sponsored by the Olive Branch Church, Read to Succeed, and the Linebaugh Library System.

It began around 9:00 o'clock under the shadow of a giant oak tree at Central Magnet School.

Pastor Vincent L. Windrow with the Olive Branch Church stressed, "Not only does calling attention to the need for literacy help today's youth, but the benefits carry-on to the next generation, the one after that and so on."

NewsRadio WGNS asked a young child if they enjoyed reading, and what was their favorite book?

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A man in the crowd shared his thoughts on literacy . . .

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Read to Succeed Executive Director Lisa Mitchell commented . . .

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The Murfreesboro Breakfast Rotary Club is beginning a project that will encourage reading among all ages. Judge Steve Daniel explains . . .

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These free, small book libraries, will be at all Murfreesboro City Schools. He noted that each school will have a contest to build, design and paint the most unique mini-library. He noted that Rotary plans to expand the use of the enclosures throughout the area.

Stewarts Creek High School Librarian Barbara Collie told those in attendance about the Southeastern Young Adult Book Festival, better known as See-Ya In The Boro. This free two-day event comes to MTSU Friday and Saturday, March 11-12, 2016. She explained . . .

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