Rutherford County and 18 other Middle Tennessee Counties will have to find a NEW landfill

Oct 19, 2015 at 09:02 am by bryan

The closing of the landfill in Rutherford County will also have a negative impact on places like nearby Cannon County. Reports indicate the site in Walter Hilll will close within the next 15 years if not sooner. That would leave Rutherford County and 18 other Middle Tennessee Counties with the problem of finding a place to permanently dump their garbage.

Rutherford County Mayor Ernest Burgess stated it could close within even a shorter period of time...


Middle Point Landfill is expected to close no later than 2028 or sooner, depending on population growth in the county. Once the landfill closes, Rutherford County will have to pay to ship its trash to other landfills.

"Middle Point Landfill has been Rutherford County's disposal facility through our growing years, and even though we will continue to grow, Middle Point will close. We need to start finding a solution for our future today," says Mac Nolen, Rutherford County Solid Waste Director. Nolen made that statement during a past meeting.

One of the solutions discussed is to promote the importance of recycling in the county, which may help extend the life of the landfill. Because there will eventually be a cost to ship trash to other locales, recycling will reduce the amount of true trash and thereby reduce the related expense for both the county government and individual families.

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